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Passion for filmmaking, love for weddings, and joy in creating stories by freezing moments drove the founders Emlin Mathew, Abraham & Abhiram Manambur to establish Eyebrow Weddings.

Unfolding the story of founders - They were in their early twenties when they started to have a liking towards photography. Coming from a typical South Indian family, it wasn’t easy to choose passion over academics. Cajoling their parents to allow them to follow their dream was a task. So, their desire to own a camera was naturally considered irrelevant and a luxury to live without. But as it is said,

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

The first step towards their dream creation ‘Eyebrow Weddings’ was Emlin’s sisters’ marriage. The idea of not hiring a photographer but to shoot the wedding with your own camera clicked with his dad. The bargain paid off and ta-da! He got his first camera. On the day of the wedding they were totally on their own. Being amateur, this was a great challenge for them. To their surprise, their friends and family members loved the pictures and encouraged them to click often and that’s how it all began.

When they started off it was just the two of them but today they have a team of enthusiastic youngsters working to make your wedding story a unique one.

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Did you get wonderstruck after checking our photo gallery? If yes? Find below the reason,

We at Eyebrow Weddings excel in Candid Wedding Photography. Sparing all the old and boring photo shoots, we introduce something really interesting and new to every shoot. We believe that rather than posed or highly styled shots, Documentary photography captures the authentic moments and details, in a natural and often elegant, yet playful style. To capture the essence of the moment we click pictures in natural light found around the setting. As, capturing timeless moments in its natural form adds life to pictures.

We love to catch up with our to-be wedded couple over a cup of coffee prior to their Big Day, to discover more about them, to work depending on their preferences and most importantly to create a good rapport with them. As, Understanding and Co-operation plays a very major role during photoshoots and it will help maintaining a less awkward and more fun filled shoot ambience.

We don’t want our wedding jodi to stress about anything not even the wedding day look because it’s not the outer appearance that makes a picture perfect, it’s the blend of right attitude and broad smile that makes a picture a perfect masterpiece.

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